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Peter Liang Walkes toward the courtroom
Peter Liang becomes emotional as his guilty verdict was read in Brooklyn Supreme Court
Peter Liang reads his statement in Brooklyn Supreme Court
Public Views of Sentencing
Gurley’s family was furious upon hearing the ruling. They called Liang’s sentence an injustice. Meanwhile, Liang’s supporters said they were pleased with the sentencing. Liang still plans to appeal the verdict.
Gurley's Family
"This felony conviction without appropriate consequences makes it clear that police are regarded as “above the law.” Liang gets to walk out of the courtroom and go home home to his family, which is something my son will never be able to do. Judge Chun’s sentencing decision today is an insult to the life of Akai Gurley. As a mother, and to all the families whose loved ones have been killed by police officers, shame on DA Thompson, shame on Judge Chun, and shame on New York City. "
Assemblyman Charles Barron
"We tried to get justice, but don’t make us to bring Ferguson to New York City. Some of our people in the streets are saying that an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life. Some people in the streets are saying that they have tried all the peaceful routes, but apparently they’re not hearing us. "
Akai Gurley supporter Marquis Jenkins
"For decades and centuries, the criminal justice system has been holding people of color hostage. The one time a family comes out to ask the criminal justice department to stand on the right side of history, we are yet again disappointed. "
Former Comptroller of New York City John Liu
"We want reform in the system. We want police accountability. We also want equal treatment, equal opportunities in the eye of law and in government. "
New York State Senator Martin Golden
"I think that the result is a step in the direction toward correcting what was a serious injustice. We haven’t gotten there yet. "
Co-Chair of Coalition of Asian-Americans for Civil Rights John Chen
"It’s not a win-lose situation for either Asian or African American communities-it’s a lose-lose. The real problem comes from the government’s policies. They are the ones who need comprehensive reform. Today’s result is what we have been fighting for all this time. We learned our lesson. Only if we participate in the political process will our voices will be heard and our rights protected. "
Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
"Both sides of the conversation discussed their opinions on the incident. No matter what happens at the sentencing, it would not divide our community. "
Community Leader Roy Hastick
"The borough president, John Liu, and I are working hard with our community leaders so that we can minimize any negative fallout. "
Peter Liang Thanks Chinese Community for the First Time
Peter Liang
Hi everyone. I just want to thank everyone for coming here today. Thank you for your support and we really appreciate what you are doing right now.
National Rallies in Support of Peter Liang Before Sentencing
Many Asian Americans have taken to the streets in New York City and in other major cities around the country on behalf of Liang. National protests have been planned in over 31 cities on the day of February 20th, 2016.
Rally in DC
Rally in CH
Rally in NY
Rally in BO
Community Petitions for Peter Liang
More than 50,000 petitions have been signed and delivered to Judge Chun in hopes of lightening Peter Liang’s sentence.
Signed petition in support of Peter Liang
Liang’s supporters delivers petitions to Judge Chun
Community Donates for Peter Liang
Supporters who are unhappy with the verdict have been making donations to help pay for Liang’s appeal.
Cash donations to Peter Liang
Check donations to Peter Liang
The Fundraising Chaos
At the beginning of Liang’s case, the community was united with feelings of anger and frustration, which prompted the hiring of the best appellate attorney. The fundraising efforts ran smoothly, with strong support from the local Chinese-American community. In Flushing,an elderly lady raised money on the street, and stood outside, rain or shine, with empty buckets. She accepted change donations from people on the street, some of which gave their entire day’s earnings. A dumpling restaurant owner held a bazaar, selling two hundred packets of dumplings at twenty dollars each. Charity events like these helped the community come together in the face of adversity and work together as one.
Various fundraisers pop up that causes crisis of confidence
Gradually, people started to question if there was anything illegitimate when it came to Liang’s fundraising efforts. Some lawyers warned the community that only authorized fundraising agencies were allowed to raise money and each contribution must be closely monitored by the IRS and donors to keep record.
With the lack of proper information, problems popped up one after another and caused the passionate fire of the community to diminish. The fundraising exposed weaknesses of the Chinese American community. How can they fight for their rights? How can they professionally fundraise?
Transparency. Fundraisers need to demonstrate their commitment by being completely transparent with financial activities.
Credibility. Reputation is everything when it comes to fundraising. There should be one accountable organization instead of various handling donations.
Supervision. An extra level of supervision from the media and public is a crucial add-on when allocating funds.
We believe Liang’s ca­se has awakened the Chinese American community to their ability to evoke change. They are starting to realize th­e importance fighting for justice, and merging together to do so. However, success takes time and financial support. When standing on the battlefield of change, we must fight with devotion and belief.
As it stands, Liang has decided not to appeal. What is he going to do with the donations? Sinovision will keep watching...

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