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"The aura of the universal mutation -- SARS and avian flu warning" global cooperation development plan



The global cooperation and development program in the world to select enterprises or institutions to participate. In this regard, invite your company to join the "universe" international research center and the global resource optimization intelligent ecological network, the global cooperative development projects.


The "cosmic" science masterpiece published in Hongkong in July 1, 2004, the same year in July to the end of August a total of one thousand sent the "universe" around the world, it's footprints all over the world, but also through the network to the world issued 250 million warning letters e-mail. The purpose is to warn the world: SARS and avian influenza in the internal linkage indicates that the 2004 winter solstice will be a major earthquake and viral water pollution, I hope people will be vigilant to guard against". It is a pity that people around the world when I was foolish to ignore, however, nature has made a positive response to the December 2004 26 India Ocean earthquake and tsunami as scheduled on the 9.3.


The establishment and promotion of the scientific concept of the universe with the passage of time to show its immeasurable scientific value. For example: in 2005 thirteen years so far confirmed the sharp fluctuations in climate at the end of 2004 the "universe" of the future climate change trend judgment is exactly the same; March 11, 2011 in waters off northeastern Japan, 9 earthquake and tsunami excitation, the case with the "universe" summed up the "8" earthquake pattern regularity coincide. Through years of hard work, "the universe" has been on the cosmic cross force, planet X (similar to dark matter), life mutation, earthquake prediction and climate change causes and so on to find empirical method is feasible, and more importantly, the "cosmic" have found a potential can be obtained by the experimental method in concrete "cold energy" new energy, as long as access to the "cold energy", a hitherto unknown spacecraft in the "cold energy" new energy and cosmic cross force driving will be close to the speed of light, we fly to the moon and Mars as a sightseeing tour when convenient, completely solve the transport barrier between earth and space can to and from, the future of mankind to the universe expanded living space becomes possible.


At present, the deterioration of the natural environment and the nuclear war two crisis has been a serious threat to human survival and sustainable development of global economic integration, produced by the various national and social contradictions are intensified, all this has become the consensus of the international community. As a result, the universe adhering to the scientific concept of reality, the scientific formulation of the "short-term goals" and "long-term direction". In the "global intelligence network" to build ecological resources optimization plan, originality of global resource optimization model and the power of the Internet combined, imitating the natural ecosystem of the Internet to build the earth ecological new mode, how to play the great role of the Internet to achieve the short-term goal of global resource optimization and efficient use of a detailed analysis; about SARS and the source of avian flu, the exploration of the universe, planet X, cross search for climate change, earthquake prediction, access to new energy, the universe to expand living space and human problems and specific experimental methods, the "cosmic" international research center construction plan in detail (see the specific content of the following attachments).


Annex to the global cooperation and development program:

1, "the aura of the universal mutation" advocate science leads the human revolution towards new world (9473 words)

2, "the aura of the universal mutation" international research center construction plan (43288 words)

3, "global resource optimization intelligent ecological network" to build the plan (26523 words)

4, the universe online articles and pictures


Note: the major scientific research achievements above the attachment content relates to the "cosmic" works and the international research center are subject to the protection of the intellectual property law world; "new Internet Ecosystem Model of global resources optimization intelligent ecological network" is the world's first author, the creative and by the same legal protection of International law. any individual or organization without the Lao Jin Quan agree with all do not privately share and move for plagiarism has been used, such as infringement of rights reserved!


I am more than 20 years dedicated to the exploration of the universe and the mysteries of nature, a lot of scientific research has been exhausted, in order to better future of one that fight a lone battle, mentally and physically exhausted at any time to give up the "cosmic" everything. In order to benefit the great cause of future generations, you should pay attention to and report on the global cooperation and development plan of the universe. The new future of mankind depends on your joint efforts. Here, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you!


"The aura of the universal mutation -- SARS and avian influenza warning" works

Author: Lao Jin Quan (China)

Email: taotum@vip.163.com







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