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外文标题:Democracy doesn't suit China: President Xi Jinping

BEIJING: Making waves with trade deals worth billions of dollars during his first European tour, President Xi Jinping put up a strong defence of the monopoly of power by the CPC saying that China had settled for a one-party system after unsuccessful experiments with multi-party democracy.

China cannot copy the political system or development model of other countries "because it would not fit us and it might even lead to catastrophic consequences," Xi said, addressing students of the College of Europe at Bruges in Belgium, winding up his week-long tour to the EU.



"The fruit may look the same, but the taste is quite different," he said.

The uniqueness of China's cultural tradition, history and circumstances determines that China needs to follow a development path that suits its own reality, he said.

"In fact, we have found such a path and achieved success along this path," he said making out a case for the one-party system in his country in a rare elaboration by a Chinese leader for an external audience.



He said after the 1911 revolution led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the autocratic monarchy that had ruled China for several thousand years, China experimented with many systems.

The Chinese people experimented with constitutional monarchy, imperial restoration, parliamentarianism, multi-party system and presidential government, yet nothing really worked, he said.

"Finally, China took on the path of socialism. Admittedly, in the process of building socialism, we have had successful experience and also made mistakes," state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Xi as saying.

"We have even suffered serious setbacks," apparently referring to the decade-long Cultural Revolution led by Communist Party of China (CPC) founder Mao Zedong.

"After the 'reform and opening-up' was launched under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, we have, acting in line with China's national conditions and the trend of the times, explored and blazed a trail of development and established socialism with Chinese characteristics," he said.





patriot (earth)
I agree and say it does not suit our country too where at least 1 lakhs of ministers ,Parliament members, MlAs and their relatives have looted our country to tune of 5 trillions dollars since independence and made 50% of our population in poverty and 25% homeless. We do not need democracy but Hitler type man who can put to sleep many in gas chambers ,This phony democracy has ruined our country where people votes on caste basis ,language basis and PM shut his eyes while corruptions and scams were going on under his nose. We have many criminals like Lulu Parsad ,Kalmandi ,Raja ,Kani Mozhi and her father ,Jag Mohan reddy,Chauvan and other thugs because of democracy. Stop this "Natak" of democracy.



kaul fainox (Unknown)
Kent Brockman: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work


emanuelsamuel ()
And as I have written before: Communism and Socialism were direct results of the response of the people to exploitation by the upper classes, the alleged free enterprise, and colonialists who raped the natural resources of the country for their own benefit and returned nothing to the country or its people. Indian socialism and nationalization proved the success of such policies. God bless.


emanuelsamuel ()
A brave and fortright statement from China which fully supports two things. 1. Mahatma Gandhi's statement that " Democracy cannot be introduced from outside; it must come from within the people. 2. A direct recognition of the American political philosophy that every country must be democratic and according to which it terrorizes people with sanctions; isolations; and by sponsoring rebels like in Ukraine and especially Syria. Evidence of American terrorism was with the invasion of Iraq and the assassinations of Saddam Hussein and Moamar Gaddafi. Now, they are trying that with Ukraine and NATO, THEIR PET DOG.




BC (Alappuzha)
Hope China will learn history of USSR and won't repeat mistakes.


ccookiemonster1 ()
India has democracy, China doesn't. China is doing much better than India. Democracy in the US is failing right now as we speak. Congress only has 10% approval. Democracy only works in small, ethnically homogeneous countries where everyone are basically in agreement. Democracy can never work in big, diverse countries.
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Garuda Kangarid (Indraprastha)
Chinese have always enjoyed central control


govindon (uk) replies to Garuda Kangarid
Badly run (indian) democracy is slave to the political masters,


Abhijit Nath (dd)
India is an example of democracy. In Asia, all developed countries or areas got developed without democracy, such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. For those who have so-called democracy such as India and Philippines are dirty poor.
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Khagaraj Sommu (USA)
With the latest U.S supreme court decision on campaign contributions, they are discussing if democracy is suitable for America too.
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bculas (Tiruchendur India)
It is hard to disagree. What suits the goose may not suit the gander. Fact is that from a poor economy in the 70's China is now the second largest economy and its scientific and other achievements are hard to fault.
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govindon (uk) replies to bculas
Are they Happy in life


NewsTrack (Odisha)
Xi must have made right observation of Indian democracy and is afraid if China adopts democracy then China might become multi party looting country and become a failed state like India in a very shortest span of time.
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Indian (India)
Democracy doesn't suit India, neither.
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