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或许我没有贸然跨进美国社会,就是为了避免被那里的人群,出于习惯或者是误解,操作了枪击,他们是法治社会。我相信美国人迟早会知道,我在一天吃不上 3 顿的“富裕社会”里,躲开了反人类性质的攻击,坚持着学术。因为我只能维持将贴子送上网页的权力,没有完成有效传播的权力。

我已经反复多次在 www.people.com.cn,Englishbaby.website, Yangtse,website,  ChinaDaily.com.cn, JDWX.cn.website,ele-diy.website,(我的版主被除名了),etc.多次发送示意图,中文说明,英文说明。


在 Englishbaby 网站发送以后,第二天图片就不显示了。难道大陆网监在波兰也有潜伏?后来有消息说卡钦斯基总统等近百名主要领导人,在探访俄罗斯回来的路途上,全部死于飞机降落事故。波兰没有原子弹而俄罗斯有,这么多的领导人是为什么倾巢而动,闻风而动?投石问路?政府行为???留下了巨大疑念。



(Tsaokuohua = 曹国华 = 320602520830201)


Statement Plus  Explanation

I put forward take nuclear explosion treat(limit time and set area)  the earthquake disaster was after the India Ocean tsunami, more than 13 years distance now. There are more then 100 thousand preson were killed of earthquakes happened 2 times in this term (Wenchuan and Haiti). Block and disturb the develop of science, it should be punished.

Perhaps I have not stepped into the United States, in order to avoid the crowd out of habit or misunder operate  stood,  they are the rule of law society. I believe Americans will know it sooner or later, in the "rich society" that I can't eat 3 meals a day, to avoid the  attack of anti human, adhere the academic. And only I can maintain the power to send the topic to web, and do not complete the power of effective communication.

I have repeated at:  www.people.com.cn, Englishbaby.website, Yangtse, website, ChinaDaily.com.cn, JDWX.cn.website, ele-diy.website (my moderator is deleted), etc. sent many times schematic diagram, Chinese explanation, English explanation.

When sending on the people.com.cn website, estimated that is fighting for honor and status, the topic is covered, or the webpage editors have illegal international Internet rules and practices, or even there is illegal the law. Later Beijing youth Yang Jia in Shanghai Zhabei Public Security Bureau, takes a fruit knife hit a number of law enforcement officers, the event seems to imply the axiom?

After the Englishbaby site is sent, the picture is not shown at second day. Don't the PR.China supervisor in Poland also has potential?  Later, it was said that President Kaczynski and so on nearly 100 leading leaders, on the way to visit Russia, all died of an airplane landing accident. Poland has not Atomic bomb but  Russia has it, so many leaders why together come to Russia? Act without delay upon hearing sth? Throw a stone for know where is the road? The act of Government ? Leaving the huge doubt to us.

Whether public punishment  or lynching punishment people, no matter you are under the pressure of duty, or out of a courageous way, hope you not to make a mistake. We must fight the preson against real monopolies and block scientific, . they occupy law enforcement management organizations and will bring greater harm to development of the human.

You can call out the slogan of "revenge for 300 thousand people (Wenchuan about 100000 Haiti about 200000 plus the other victims during the earthquakes)", but do not hit the wrong, do not hit me !

(Tsaokuohua = 曹国华 = 320602520830201)







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