1.Investigation of Chinese Post ‘80’s generation is a ten episode documentary series profiling the younger generations in today's Chinese society. Featuring ten different Chinese young adults, each episode gives audiences a deeper look into the lives of a new generation (the same generation that follows the historic one child policy). Using multiple angles and a real reflection of the Chinese younger generation, the documentary has received positive feedback since it was first broadcasted on Beijing television station in 2009.

   2.Cosmo Times keeps audiences up to date with the latest fashion and lifestyle news around the globe including, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, and Milan. Broadcast weekly, this thirty minutes show is produced both in Shanghai and New York. The show compares the cultural difference between China and the west and reveals the cultural integration through the world of fashion.

   3.Beijing’s Hutongs features fifty-five short episodes, and provide fresh insights into Beijing’s current local life and life in past years. With over seven hundred years of history, Hutong is a unique housing style that only exists in Beijing. Experiencing the rapid development of the city, today, only a few remain. The show not only helps the audiences to learn more about this heritage, but also provides an opportunity to understand Beijing culture.

   4.You Are the Chef provides viewers step-by-step instruction to cook delicious dishes by host Heidi Dugan. Also featured are professional chefs from top luxury hotels worldwide who share their expertise on cuisine culture from Chinese to western style. You Are the Chef is produced by international Channel Shanghai and has an online version tutorial for the audiences who want to view the show again or want to review the steps.

   5.Money Talks is a new 45 minutes business show produced by International Channel Shanghai that first debuted in January 2012. Money Talks combines a relaxed and humorous presentation style with in-depth analysis the financial market both domestically and abroad. The show also discusses entrepreneurship ideas, consumer suggestions, and investment opportunities. Money Talks dedicates a distinctive portion of the show to introduce antique and luxury goods investment.

   6.W.E. Talk is a weekly talk show devoted to encouraging mutual understanding between Chinese and American cultures. Through interviews with people of extraordinary talents and stories, the program provides insights, generates ideas, and promotes collaboration. The show will cover a wide range of topics with enlightening personal stories. Across the fields of arts, business, culture, and education, the host will involve viewers at home in a weekly discussion that will be both informative and inspiring.